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What are Acting Tips? We have provided insights on what industry professionals look for when it comes to your profile. If there are any other tips or websites you feel will help actors, Contact us .



1. Look like your headshot. When you appear in front of Casting Directors/Producers and other industry professionals, you need to look like your headshot.

2. No Hats/hoods/Sunglasses Industry professionals want to see your face. Wearing a Hat/Hood/Sunglass detracts from noticing your face.

3. Easy on the makeup You do not want to look like a clown.

4. What kind of work you are trying to get? Do you want to do theater, film, or commercial work?

5. It’s all in the eyes. Your eyes can make or break your picture. Your eyes reveal your personality.

6. What to wear? - Keep it simple, Wear solids, avoid patterns and logos

7. Personality - Overall, be yourself


Video Reels

1. Two to Five scenes in your reel, unless you lack experience. If no experience in front of the camera; a monologue that shows a lot of range/emotion will suffice. One good scene will also get you noticed. If you feel this scene is better than the rest, than just have that on your reel.

2-On average most reels are 3 minutes or less with a montage of 10-30 seconds. Whatever you do, do not go over 5 minutes. 5 minutes are for those with more experience.

3-The scene itself must not draw attention away from you. If someone else is acting in it, you must make sure that they are not drawing the attention away from you.

4-We watch and see if you are believable and capable of selling or displaying the message we want conveyed to the audience

5-Do you have the following:
Camera presence, personality, command, style, attitude, consistency, versatility, and experience in front of the camera.

6-Technical aspects of the reel are up to par. Make sure audio is clear/normal and the video has the right color.



1. Choose one carefully.

2. Make sure it shows off your range in acting

3. Move around

4. Face people you are auditioning for.

5. Don't audition to one person if there are more than one person in the room.

6. If you mess up, keep going. Ad lib if you forget your lines.

7. Show expressions in your face and body langauge.

8. Be professional.

9. Know when to say when - Once they say Thank you, leave the room and always thank them for their time.



1. Bring business cards with your headshot on it and pass them out to industry professionals. Make sure it includes your name, e-mail, phone number, union status, and a website profile link. For e.g. Carry your business cards wherever you go. You never know who you might meet.

2. Be aware of your actions when networking - Don't overdrink, or make the event a matchmaking/dating event.

3. Ask for business cards.

4. Dress to impress.

5. Find groups on meetup, facebook, and ask other actors what groups they belong to.

6. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated - With RESPECT.



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