FAQs is a page containing the most Frequently Asked Questions about our site. This is based on e-mails and phone calls placed to our company.

1. Why should I post a profile on your site? 5 main reasons.

-Our main competitors charge you to market yourself on their site. Some will say it is free to sign up. However, you have to pay for all the extras or to be upgraded. Talent & Skills will never charge you for any type of membership. Plus, why pay for a personal website when you can get a free web page link from us?

-We give out free career advice to talent. We will never charge you for tips or advice in the entertainment industry. You can reach us via e-mail using our contact page or phone call/text in the US: East Coast: 908-922-GOOD West Coast: 213-53T-ANDS International/All other countries: Skype - talentandskills

-We also help you land gigs. Our team is well connected in the entertainment industry.

-We look out for the best interest of talent. We carefully pre-scan industry professionals we connect you with. We have set up a scammer forum board so you know who to stay away from. In addition, we have a database of legit industry professionals around the world. Furthermore, our site is highly secure.

-We do not share or rent your information to third parties.

2. Why can't I sign up on your site? If you have not updated your web browsers, you will not be able to sign up. Our site is highly secure and uses up to date technology. Therefore, you must update your web browser. If you are still having issues, feel free to send us your resume and headshot.

3. Is there a charge to be a talent on your website? There will never be a fee to be a basic/premier member. We do not charge for upgraded memberships.

4. How do I become a premier member? You need to post up a Professional Headshot. Each Headshot has to be approved by the Talent & Skills Management Team. Not everyone gets approved for a premier membership. Your picture/headshot will not appear on filmstrip or main splash/landing page, unless you are a premier member.

5. What information is shared to industry professionals? Besides your actual Talent & Skills profile link, we only provide emails/phone numbers to industry professionals that has been pre screened by Talent & Skills' Management. This is usually based on how you want to be contacted. Please make sure your information is up to date so we can contact you. Phone numbers work best for immediate contact or last minute bookings.

6. Is my information sold to third parties? Your information will never be sold to third parties.

7. Are you an agency/talent management firm or employment agency? No, we are not an agency or employment agency. We are an Entertainment Services Company. This is a site where you can market yourself for FREE or where industry professionals can find talent. We are well connected and it is our pleasure to connect you with the industry professionals we know. Just remember MORE TALENT = MORE INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS/GIGS

8. Does Talent & Skills take any commission Fees if someone books me from finding me on your site? We do not take any commission fees.

9. Can you negotiate my Pay rate if I get booked? Talent & Skills does not negotiate Pay Rates. We are not an agency.

10. How are you able to get me a gig/booked? Talent & Skills Management team has strong ties with important people in the entertainment industry. In addition, a few of our members have worked for several large entertainment companies. We have maintained strong relationships with industry professionals we know.

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